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SPONSORS Of The Movement


A farm dedicated to excellency in the cannabis industry. Toking Farms brings innovation and quality products to the Oregon community.


The hemp industry is a whole new booming world these days. CBD Hemp Shoppe has jumped head first into the healing aspect of hemp. Bringing clean, non-psychoactive products to the people that need them!


"Join The Underground!"

      Underground E-Juice works everyday to help people quit smoking cigarettes. From providing a very high quality and healthier alternative, to helping the customer find people that have had the same experience that can help them through their transition.


"Lifted Missions With Good Intentions"

      This clothing brand brings something different to the table. With artist collaborations, contracted graphic design, and an affordable price, this company is proving their motto to be true! LMxGI is set to officially launch early 2020 so keep an eye out and preorder your limited edition merch by donating to the LMxGI GoFundMe

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About the movement

The Beginning


We have all asked the same question when life gets tough or brings us down. 

"Why do we struggle alone?"

Maybe because we want all the profits. Or maybe because the people around us aren't working together. 

Either way, we decided we wanted to change that! We are building a community of people willing to help others reach for their goals, and by doing that, they are helping themselves!

Why We Are Here


At the end of the day, the entertainment we enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to the performance. Every day that seems to be harder to find. That's why we established this movement. To give those with talent and passion their chance to spark fire in the hearts of the population.

We are here to help YOU reach your entertainment!

What You Can Get From Us


From booking musical, artistic, or performance arts, to our clothing brand launching this year, We are all about the people! The Listen Movement was created to give people with a true passion for arts and entertainment a place to feel comfortable and to build off of each other.  Together we can accomplish so much more! 

To join the movement you can contact us or book any of The Listen Movement associated artists. Change always starts with one!

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.


Bring in the new year!

Dominat3 is releasing his new album New Years Eve @ The Wow Hall! 

He put together an awesome event that brings together some audio art for everyone. Starting the event there will be up and coming rappers followed by a couple bigger named artists local to Eugene like "Cameron Daye". Then there will be the "Dance Hour", hosted by our newest artist Dj Abaddon, that will prepare you for the ball drop! Right after the new year hits Dominat3 is going to perform his new album start to finish!

You won't want to miss this event!

LMxGI Pre-Order

Bringing Change!

Lifted Missions Apparel is set to launch early 2020. To help with funding, we are doing pre-orders through donations on GoFundMe! Based on your donation you will get exclusive merch only available through pre-order!


With the launch of the brand, there will be an amazing new opprutunity for designers and artists everywhere to work with LMxGI. They will be able to collaborate directly with the designers for the brand to create original merchandise at no cost to the artist! You can learn more by contacting Lifted Missions Apparel.

Everything Makes A Difference!

If you would like to donate to a brand trying to make a positive difference in the world click the link below! 


"Funq It Up" Live @ Stay Epic Festival

Coming Soon!

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