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 "I’m Aaron Blankenship from the 540 to 541 cultivating medicine for your mind body and spirit as well as music for your ears and loving energy for the heart!"

Self defined Hippie Hop artist, Annunaki Child brings a different sound to the world. In this day and age, everyone is trying to do something new. That's difficult when there's 7 BILLION people on the planet. Aaron found his way to create something of his own within the hip hop industry by adding his own flare.

Hippie Hop

Hippie hop is the music category that kind of explains itself. A hippie's version of hip hop. Imagine taking your favorite rapper or hip hop artist and dipping them in a vial of acid just to see what comes out. That is Annunaki Child. An enlightened, peace and love toting hippie!

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Open your mind with some awakening lyrics, and find yourself!

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