This is where you will find bands/categorized by location. Whether you're looking for some talent in your home town, or looking for a good event in a town you're visiting, this is the spot for you!

As we add more bands, this page will of course be changed. We currently only have Oregon talent until we can branch out to expand the movement. So for now we are doing this page by city. The cities that are near each other will be grouped together so that they are easy to find, and as the page grows we will be adding easier navigation through the list. Until then, take a look at The Listen Movement associated bands!

EUgene ORegon


To be honest, we here at The Listen Movement don't see this music as a mash up of two genres. We believe it is one of it's own. With influences from reggae and rock, One Dollar Check brings a beautiful sound to the world that you need to hear!

They've Got What It Takes

These guys know what they're doing. They have the right people backing them, they know how to get sponsors, and the most important of all? They make amazing music! They've been touring for awhile now spreading their take on music to the world. Their guitarist even played guitar for Post Malone!

What's Next With One Dollar Check

Gared, the lead singer, told us they've been working on pushing out some new music before they get back to booking a bunch of shows. So they've been nestled in the college town of Eugene Oregon. One Dollar Check is cooking up the next wave of music so click the "Meet The Band!" button above to find links to their social media and their music!

Grants Pass Oregon

"I Live My Life!"

This quote will tell you a lot about this band. 

From one of their debut songs, said to release before the 2019 festival season, Funk Dub brings something new to the world of music. A seemingly ragtag group of musicians come together to show people that you really can live your life the way you want to!

From All Walks Of Life

Their guitarist is in Portland. Their saxophone player and one of their vocalists are in Selma. Their drummer? Grants Pass. Oh, and two of their vocalists are in Eugene. These guys come from all different genres to jump on stage and show people the creation of music! Each member of the band has their own creations separate from the band that they occasionally perform, but the majority of their sets are improvised! This band literally caters to their audience by altering the set while on stage. Having so many genres tied into Funk Dub gives them the ability to keep playing which ever type of music the crowd enjoys the most!

Bring The Party!

Funk Dub is known for having the most fun at their events. They love giving everyone an enjoyable experience, and because of that they have been growing exponentially! Currently centralized in Southern Oregon, Funk Dub is booking a tour for August 2019! Be sure to click the "Meet The Band" button to learn more, find the links to their social media, and to contact them!