Cameron Daye


Soulful, But With An Attitude

This mid 20's young man has a voice that's had thousands of years of soul built up behind it. With a sound that instantly captivates the room, and the talent to back up his vocals, this man can bring new life to your events! Lead singer of the band "Funk Dub", hip hop artist, and entrepreneur don't even begin to describe this talented musician crashing his way into the music industry!

A Little Different

With influences from both the east and west coasts Cameron Daye brings new sounds to the table. Heavily influenced by rap on one side. Representing the struggle and hardships in life. Yet on the other, Daye enjoys listening to and creating music that brings a new light to the world with soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

The Roots

Due to traveling a lot at a young age, Cameron planted roots in many different places before settling in Eugene OR. He brought a new outlook to many artists in Eugene and he even found a way to create a few including hip hop artist "Dominat3" who he recruited into the band "Funk Dub".

Daye Wear

Accessories that bring back the simplicity of paying a great price for quality and beauty. "Daye Wear" started with Cameron creating bracelets for close friends that were tailored to their personalities. Now he plans to launch his brand of accessories alongside  the "Lifted Missions Apparel" release. Possibly including an ability to customize your accessories to fit your style! (No guarantees but you didn't hear that from us!)

Funk Dub!

Lead singer Cameron Daye, and all other talented artists in the band "Funk Dub" are planning tours for 2019! A band that started as a joke, a bunch of random people from all over the music industry jumping on stage to make up music on the spot, became one of the most enjoyed performances in Southern Oregon! Because of that this band has quickly started filling show slots for the 2019 calendar. Be sure to check out the "Funk Dub" page as well!

Where to find "Daye"

Facebook, instagram, youtube, and soon he will have music released to the public, Cameron is constantly in touch with fans through his online presence. While we wait for him to release some amazing music!





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Eugene, Oregon, United States

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