Quality Production

In the midst of a world filled with wannabe rappers, CMADD took a different route. He got into the production side of things. Creating amazing beats, originally for himself, but gaining a following when they came out so great! With friends all over the music industry he grabs influence from all kinds of genres

Multi Genre Instrumentals

This producer plays around with all kinds of sounds to make a diverse beat selection.  He could switch from grimy grunge hop, to soulful smooth hip hop with ease. Featured with a few different artists, CMADD is also doing work with one of our artists "Dominat3". 

Find The True Talent

It just goes to show that talent works like a magnet. When there's true talent in an area, they seem to find each other! You can find CMADD on all these media platforms:




Located Near

Eugene, Oregon, United States

If you want to get ahold of CMADD you can do so through social media or send him an email!

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