An Artist That Does It All

Dominat3 is one of those artists that really turns heads. At only 21 years young he has been performing for years, modeling, building his own businesses, and just recently releasing his first album "The Life of A Gemini".

From Hip Hop To Funk Dub

Heavily influenced by Hip Hop, Dominat3 made a difficult transition into the band scene with help from Southern Oregon band "Funk Dub". An improvisational band that does any type of music from funk to dubstep.

Lifted Missions With Good Intentions

Not only has Dominat3 been working on his own music (with 4 new albums in the works said to release this next year), touring with Funqdaqit, and creating a community for all entertainers alike, but he is also releasing an apparel company mid 2020! 

With True Aspirations

Dominat3 is not doing all of this work for the sole purpose of making money. This young man started as a poet. At a very young age he realized he was different. He sees a different side to the world. Only wanting to have this voice and reach that comes along with the fame to spread his word. All to show people the perspective that he has.

The Goal

The goal of Dominat3's music is to show people someone else's perspective on the same world we all live in. Sometimes people get too lost in their ways to see the struggle of those around them. The true goal is to open people up to someone else's world with the hopes of changing their perspective on their own world for the better.

To Find Dominat3

With the release of "The Life of A Gemini" Dec. 31st 2018, Dominat3 has been debuted on all platforms to start the new year. With music on all major platforms and multiple social media pages, Dominat3 is always in contact with fans and his music is easy to find! Click the button below for a link to apple music, or head to the bottom of the page to find his social media pages!



Dominat3 is bringing that hype with his newest album! 

"Lifted Missions With Good Intentions" is that smooth, conscious Hip Hop album you've been waiting for. Bringing knowledge to the masses through good vibes and catchy melodies.

Launching Dec. 31st, his seemingly yearly album release, will be even better this year with merch available and a launch party at The Wow Hall! 

Stay up to date with Dominat3 here, or follow his pages to see what he's up to on a daily basis. You can find links to all of his social media at the bottom of this page, or click the link to the right to head over to spotify.

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Dominat3 Live at Boombox in da boondox

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