From producing and recording, to singing and performing. This young man has many talents. Currently in the process of building his name, The Listen Movement is very lucky to recruit ETubz to the team!

Why you will like this guy

ETubz isn't like the other artists you've listened to. He's like a mix of beautiful, soulful singing on an acid trip. Then he throws in some talented lyricism to tie it all together! Not only that, but ETubz also produces his own beats and records his own tracks.

The Struggle

Since he's pushing his way through college, Etubz has a lot on his plate. The hopes of adding him to The Listen Movement is to help him succeed in his passions and bring his voice to the world! We are helping get his name out there as much as we can so he can focus on the craft and school.

Soon to come

We are currently negotiating with ETubz to sell his beats through The Listen Movement. We are also booking him for events so be sure to check your local venues!

ETubz is currently only releasing music on soundcloud, but The Listen Movement is trying to help him release music on all platforms! This year there are Dominat3 and Etubz collaborations coming out and ETubz originals!!

Get to Know ETubz

Smart, Kind, Intelligent.


An artist truly passionate about his music and spreading his beliefs.

Local Roots, Big Goals.


Coming from Southern Oregon, most people see the hippie lifestyle, but the Oregon roots are more than just that! Take a chance to talk to ETubz and you'll learn that real quick!

Let's Get It Started!


If you're intrested in beats, engineering, features or pretty much anything in the music industry get ahold of ETubz! 

This is a community!

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