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About Filo Sofo

Filo Sofo is a Eugene native that’s been devoted to making original music since he was 11. Branching out into various genres including hip hop, rock, pop, reggae, metal, blues, and more, Filo Sofo has incorporated them to make his own sound. As he develops and grows his artistry he has learned to mix his own vocals. He has also worked with a large number of local artists and producers such as Ksplif, Stormy Woods, Saint IV, Moffen, Fresh2Fresh, Sensei Kuma, Khalil Romeo, and Yungtril just to say a few.

With music in mind, Filo Sofo has been aiming to take the big stages around town. He brings back the true essence of hip hop with intricate lyrics and amazing stage pressence. All of us here at The Listen Movement are happy to add another skilled musician to the repertoire.

You can find Filo Sofo on instagram: 

Give Him A Listen

If you want to learn more about Filo Sofo just give his music a listen. He has quite a few release on soundcloud, and is currently working on releasing his debut album on all platforms!

You can Find Filo Sofo In Eugene Oregon

Eugene, Oregon, United States