Flow Arts/Dancing

What's To Come

Flow art is where people use fire, their bodies, or props to create a flowing dance or enticing visuals. It's mesmerizing and beautiful. 

This page is where you'll find "The Listen Movement" associated performers. Those performers will be broken up into categories based on what type of performance they provide.

One category will be fire dancers/flow artists. These are the people that incorporate fire into a captivating dance routine. Dangerous and always enjoyable.

Another will be the Hip Hop dancers category. This is where you would go to find dancers to get the vibe right on stage. A little bit of visual entertainment can change any performance! You could also hire dancers to keep the dance floor jumping!

As the movement grows we will be continuously updating most aspects of "The Listen Movement" to accomodate all artists and associates. 

 If you are a flow artist/dancer or you know of any feel free to contact us! Be sure to include information about yourself or the artist you're recommending along with links to find them!  

Learn More

 You can contact "The Listen Movement" for any information you need. The best way is through email or through facebook.