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     Funqdaqit brings a whole new style to the band scene. From psychedelic rock/metal, to the funkiest of the funk, these guys bring their A-game!

     No matter what crowd, Funqdaqit seems to be able to match the vibe perfectly. Their guitarist, "Dusty Jones", makes sounds with his guitar that you've probably never even heard before! Mix that with the amazing saxophone skills from "Tomikaze", the slappiest of all bass players "John Turner",  the intricate lyricism of "Lee L.A.B.", and the rhythmic percussion of "ZAMN" and you've got a show you DO NOT want to miss!

     With their first official music video up on youtube (link below) these guys are really taking off! You can find them performing your favorite festival or taking the stage at your favorite southern Oregon drinking spot. 

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You can find all of their upcoming shows on their Facebook page with merch soon to be available on "The Listen Movement" store. Give their page a follow by clicking the link below!


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So Fast Official Music Video

Meet The Band

Lee L.A.B. Spivey (Vocalist)


More than just vocals, Lee L.A.B. brings a new mindset to the table. With conscious lyrics and soulful sounds, you won't want to miss a word that comes out of his mouth!

Tommy "Tomikaze" Makinson


Saxxy sounds from the beast himself! "Tomikaze The Saxxy Beast" has been seen all over the festival scene. Bringing his amazing saxophone skills to the people that want it most!

Dusty Jones (Guitar)


This man uses His guitar in ways you would never expect, bringing psychedelic sounds with his fast paced fingers. Dusty Jones holds it down as the guitarist/backup vocals for Funqdaqit bringing the guitar solos you love, and the rhythms that move your soul!

John Turner (Bassist)


No song is the same without that catchy baseline. John Turner is that baseline and then some! Never have we seen anyone with his skills on the bass! Catch him smacking that bass all over the town with his trusty band.

Randall Pratt (Drummer)


A bit of Rhythm, a bit of tempo, and a lot of hair! You haven't lived if you haven't seen Randall drop the sticks and kicks to get that beat going! This band is a must see!

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Fundaqit loves their fans and would love to see you at a show! You can find all of their upcoming shows here on our site or check out their Facebook page!

Selma, Oregon, United States

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