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Truth - Jaya (Raise) Ft. Zahira


Expect The Unexpected

Don't judge book a by it's cover couldn't be more right for this artist. A young white man shattering what you thought hip hop was! With lyrical content, and a smooth soulful voice JAYA (Raise) is changing what you thought you wanted to hear!

Called /Or/ Uncalled

With his latest release, "Called /OR/Uncalled", JAYA (Raise) shattered our expectations! The perfect album to kick back and relax to. Or skip to "What They Call Me" later in the album for a hyphy hiphop/sing-song clash. There are quite a few different genres that this album hits. We see it taking off this year with all of its amazing sounds!


Open your mind, let loose, and enjoy yourself!

Catch JAYA (Raise) taking the stage in Southern Oregon for now, but he has plans to hit the stage all over the country soon! Give him a follow to keep up with upcoming shows and music.

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Located in Southern Oregon

Making a ripple in the local scene.

Talent , Oregon, United States

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