Introducing: "The Globe"


The Mission

Lifted Missions Apparel chose it's name wisely with their goals in mind.

"Lifted Missions with Good Intentions. The mission is to lift everyone up!"

-Dominique Rutling (Founder)

The globe represents just that. This design is showing how we all have a hand in what happens in this world. We all have purpose. Yet we all push through our path alone and not as a collective. This company believes it's time to lift each other up towards worldwide change, and they are taking steps towards that goal!

The Steps

By creating a brand that's high quality, stylish, and easy for anyone to get, this company  plans to flip the industry on its head. Not only designing their own clothing, they are also opening up their business to others that don't have the means to launch their own apparel.


Launching along with the first wave of clothing will be the "Artist Merch" side to Lifted Missions Apparel. This gives any artist the ability to collaborate with the designers at Lifted Missions Apparel to create their own merchandise! More information will be released as the launch date comes closer. The founder says the brand will be launching Fall 2019!




Bringing Change!

Lifted Missions Apparel is set to launch early 2020. To help with funding, we are doing pre-orders through donations on GoFundMe! Based on your donation you will get exclusive merch only available through pre-order!

Artist Merch

With the launch of the brand, there will be an amazing new opprutunity for designers and artists everywhere to work with LMxGI. They will be able to collaborate directly with the designers for the brand to create original merchandise at no cost to the artist! You can learn more by contacting Lifted Missions Apparel.

Everything  Makes A Difference!

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