From The Heart & Soul

          "Fusing together my values, I create out of curiosity, love and the pursuit of happiness. Acrylics are my paint of choice as I can always rely on their vibrancy and quick dry time. 

          Just as quickly as I grow and expand, my art transforms. My art is a direct depiction of how I see life and who I am. I am an ever-expanding goddess taking lessons for what they are.  Facing challenges and finding triumph through exploration and reflection, I enjoy sharing life’s shifts that leave us questioning our reality before finding empowerment.  

          I get through life’s many ups and downs through various channels such as herbalism, yoga, meditation, travel and teaching. Through each piece, I share and celebrate the lessons that I’ve received hoping to evoke a desire in my audience to look within to discover and realize their own true potential.  It is my dream to open my own sanctuary where I can lead and teach others to open themselves up to their true potential through the many outlets that make me feel whole. "   - Megan Leger

Leger Lessons

Not only does Megan spread love through art and her day to day life, she also takes the times to plant seeds in the community! You can find her classes on facebook and instagram. Click "Find out more" below to see Leger Lessons on Facebook.


Live events become a bit more interesting with some visual stimulation! You can contact Megan to book her for events or just check out her calander and pop into some cool events she's already painting at.

Art In It's Many Forms


Megan does many different forms of art, from live painting, to lessons and commisioned paintings!


The talent within this young woman is impeccable. Her art is all over in peoples homes and even on display in some businesses in eugene! You can contact her to have paintings commissioned at the bottom of the page.



The beauty of community shows strongly in Megan's actions throughout her life. She chose to take the time to teach people through her lessons, and to show people true art from the soul!


what its like to make art

            "I have been painting since I was four years old. Thanks to my mum and gran I produced my longest standing relationship and I must admit it’s one of my most defining characteristics.

             My favorite part about creating is that it allows for me to tap into my higher self.  When I reach my meditative space, especially while painting, my connection to my Self and Source is magnified. Insight is delivered and downloaded as I learn to practice patience and surrender to allow for the universe to take over.


             As someone who loves control and planning out my life, I find it humbling to have art as my guide in learning how to truly let go.  Just like most plans, my creative visions constantly transform through trial and process.  However the product of my design finds its way, I know that’s how it was always meant to be.  I was gifted this talent to share with the world in addition to teaching others to embrace themselves and all that they have to offer. "

- Megan J. Leger



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MJLeger Art

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You can find Megan's art in these locations in Eugene:

 BNF Kombucha (2495 Prairie Rd Unit A, Eugene, OR 97402) 

LoveKava Bar 120 W Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401

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