Sound Engineers

Coming Soon!

The goal of "The Listen Movement" is to recruit all aspects of the entertainment industry into a community of like minded, talented individuals. Of course everything has to start somewhere. That's why we want people that work behind the scenes just as bad as the main stage acts.

What's to come – We have been negotiating with a few sound engineers to add them to "The Listen Movement". Once we add sound engineers they will be put into two categories. Recording Engineers (Studio Sound), and Live Sound Engineers.

Recording Engineers (Studio Sound) – This category is for the studio workers, studios and all other aspects of getting your track recorded and sounding proper.

Live Sound Engineers – These are the sound guys that you see at shows. They keep the event sounding right. From setting up the sound equipment to work right with the rooms acoustics, to monitoring the levels of each sound live, these people are essential to any event!

Once everything is set up you will be able to find the right people for your sound needs just by clicking on the "Sound Engineers" tab.

If you are an engineer or you know any feel free to contact us! The community only grows as fast as people join together. So spread the word and be sure to send an email our way!

To Learn More

You can contact "The Listen Movement" for any more information you need. The best way is through email or through facebook.