From The Depths

Originating from Rogue River OR, this is one of those bands that will blow your mind! Not only do they have an amazing sound, but they also have a brilliant stage performance! The first time we saw this band live they were all in matching suits. As soon as they took the stage the crowd was captivated. 

With A Beautiful Sound

With their amazing lead singer/guitarist busting out crazy dance moves and vocals, and their drummer and bassist keeping that rhythm going, this band is a sight for sore eyes! It's not often that you see a band with so much talent and potential on their way to fame. That's exactly how we feel about this band! They are on their way!

Oregon Growers Cup Says:

" We are all about lifting up and promoting upcoming talent and we couldn't be happier to have The Rogue Underground at this years cup. These guys are amazing live and have that rare magic that you can't ignore. Check em out in our new Main Hall at the Dec 8th Cup Event! "

- November 28th 2018 (Oregon Growers Cup Instagram)


From booking gigs and tours, to putting out some amazing music, this band is almost always busy honing their craft. You can find The Rogue Underground on Facebook by clicking the link below!

The Rogue Underground

 Static Electrictity (Debut show)

Meet The Band!

Joshua Gibson (Lead Singer/Guitarist)


Hitting dance moves, chords, and the melodies you want to hear, is the talented Lead singer/guitarist of The Rogue Underground, Joshua Gibson! You've never seen someone do what this guy does! He keeps the crowds attention while the great music gets everyone dancing!


Marshall Bjorling (Drummer)


This giant drummer lives up to his size with his talent. Marshall Bjorling takes drumming to a whole new level! This guy is a bit over six feet tall, but you wouldn't notice that while he's drumming. 


Keenan Pruett (Guitarist)


Unlike most guitarists, Keenan Pruett does things different. He's not as loud and rockstar as most guitarist. He has a sense of class with his guitar skills. Don't let that fool you though! He can shred those strings like no other!


Jacob Rubanowitz (Bassist)


Jacob Rubanowitz brings that thumping bass line that everyone is looking for! Bassists are always underrated and given the least recognition most of the time. Don't sleep on this guy, he is very talented!


Find The Rogue Underground

Located Near

Rogue River, Oregon, United States