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Toking Farms is an OLCC licensed farm located just outside of Eugene in the beautiful Southern Willamette Valley. Being one of the first farms to be licensed in Lane County in 2016 to grow recreational marijuana, they are locally owned by a native Oregonian woman and powered by family!  Using all organic growing methods, local organic soil and nutrients and never any pesticides they are able to achieve an amazingly high quality product! Toking Farms has been in Their family for over 50 years and has transitioned from traditional vegetable farming and ranching, to the cutting edge legal cannabis industry!

They have created their own curing methods that sets them apart from other farms. That along with their attention to detail from the soil up, they are able to develop a delectable and smooth tasting cannabis flower with aromatic, fully ripened terpenes! No corners are cut during any their detailed processes even if their curing process alone takes more than two months. This allows the aromas flowers to invigorate and intoxicate the senses thus providing a very satisfying, cerebral high.

Their Promise To You:


"At Toking Farms, we promise to always provide high-quality cannabis that is safe for patients and all recreational customers and easily attainable everyday at a low cost."   

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You can find more about Toking Farms and their goals on their website. There is also a list of over FIFTY dispensaries that carry their product all over Oregon! This is a very innovative company that we are ecstatic to have as a part of The Listen Movement!

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Toking Blunts

100% Cannabis

Did you know you can buy blunts at a dispensary? 

Well now you know! Toking Blunts are 100% cannabis straight down to the hemp crutch. With exquisite flavor, and that hand rolled hit you wish you got from pre-rolls.

Flavors on Flavors!

On the back of the package you will find detailed information about the strain you so happen to have. This gives you the ability to cater your blunts to your high prefrence!

Get Blunted

You can find over 50 of the dispensaries that carry Toking Blunts on The Toke Shops website. Be sure to pick yourself up one and get blunted!

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Eugene, Oregon, United States

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