What's To Come

"The Listen Movement" is trying to create a platform for everyone to be able to connect with the entertainment industry. By adding venues to the list we are going to be able to make even bigger changes to what we can do.

As a venue you will be able to scout talent for upcoming shows or even find new employees when it comes to sound lighting or security. As the movement progresses there will be more and more categories added. We even have plans to add event vendors to our roster.

For performers, engineers, security and anyone else that isn't a venue, the vendor's page is where you can find a spot to throw your events. You can find the most popular places in a specific location with reviews from any "Listen Movement" associated people that have worked with that venue. 

If you are a venue or you know of great venues in your town make sure you contact us! We are trying to give everyone true entertainment, and we also want to make sure we can all make a living out of this!

To Learn More


You can contact "The Listen Movement" for any information you need. The best way is through email or through facebook.