From The Depths Of Southern Oregon


Vortex Farmer aka Vortex, is focused truth, poised with a revolutionary mindset. He fuses free thought with psychedelic deep bass hip-hop tracks combined with notes of reggae. 

Vortex, 3rd generation DJ/MC, is a multi-instrumentalist packing original songs and mixes. Zealous about holistic self-healing, Vortex brings lyrics to activate your most ecstatic state with  vibrations that get you up and dancing. His Music comesfrom consciousness to ignite one’s soul to merge with the potent healing energy of the universe. Vortex brings a sound that is healing, bringing intuitive wisdom and blessings to everyone.



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Vortex Farmer

"Let's Come Together"


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Vortex Farmer

Central Point, Oregon, United States (541)-659-2171

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