Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

Avid player of video games, as most are at this point, ZAMN is an artist that had other reasons for loving these soul sucking electronics. He was interested in the music! The synths, the drum lines, and the fact that video game music was always similar but was never the same music that was "popular".  One of his favorite games was "Z.A.M.N." which stands for "Zombies Ate My Neighbors". This game was about the zombie apocalypse, but you play as a kid! This game had an amazing soundtrack, and is very nostalgic for most 90's babies.

What Can He Do?

The real question is what can he not do! This keyboard/drum player will blow your mind with any performance! Whether it's with a band, or as a solo act he brings so much to the table. With an amazing ability to improvise drumming in many different ways than most, ZAMN can play his drums almost like a lyricist would put lyrics over a beat. Which comes in handy when he does his live looping.

Live Looping

Live Looping is when you do a performance that starts with nothing, then you create the entire track live. Start to finish, kick to snare. ZAMN does exactly that! With his talent as a drummer, and his insane skills with the keyboard he creates songs right in front of your eyes. It takes talent to do live looping, and thats still not all he does!

Where To Find ZAMN

ZAMN is a Live looping synth, experimental, groove band. Consisting of one man Randall Pratt, and occasional guest acts. This multitasking artist doesn't only pursue his own music, but he's also a part of a couple bands! Including the band Funk Dub featured on our site. We encourage you to give ZAMN a listen and follow his media to stay up to date and see him live.






Located Near

Grants Pass, Oregon, United States

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